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First Generation Americans

Ramsey and Joe Hassan

Mr. Abraham

John and Gidoo

Rambler Dealership

Foe Hassan (Fadel)

Mr. Derbes

Sam Hassan

Hassan Bros (first row) 1946

Ms. Fatima Allie

John Omar

Zaida Hassan

Mary Khadijah with Brothers

Mary Khadijah

Mary Khadijah

Foe Hassan(front) Mary Khadijah (behind)

Mary Khadijah and Aunty Ramsey

Uncle Joe’s cards

Family Photos

Brother Richard

Author and Mike

Brother Mike

Brothers Rich and Mike

Columbia champion team (1961) Rich and Mike

Mary Khadijah cooks for wedding

L to R: Author, Cousin, Sister

Sister Donna

Weymouth Family Home

Aunt Ramsey and Author

Author, Robert, and baby Nate

David, Sonny, Omar Family

Gidoo, Nate, and Author

L to R: Sister, Bassam, Author

Nate with Cousins

Robert and Nate (1984)

Santa and Baby Nate

Parents’ wedding (1937)

Author baby picture

Cheerleader quest

Mother mopping condo floor


Muslim Chaplain

CPE Student 2006

Hospital chaplain 2007-2008

Supervisor and chaplaincy cohort

Association of Muslim Chaplains (2009)

Certificate of CPE (3 units)

The Music of My Life

I was published with Paul Simon’s music publisher in New York (1975). The songs of my biography correspond to some of my life events.

New England Conservatory 1981

Mary and George, Berkeley, CA (1971)

Peace Concert

Author 2021

1975 Head shot NY

This Man Can’t Commit

Not Brad Pitt

A Waltz with James

Interfaith Groups

Boxborough Interfaith

Interfaith Panel

Interfaith Rally ICB

Worchester Hadassah Chapter

The Immigrant Generation

Sitty Nuzza

Abduh and Nuzza’s daughter Katf

Ellis Island


Mary Khadijah and Mohamed Omar

Mohamed Omar

AABS Letterhead

Abraham Family

Allie Family

Selman Allie

Genevieve & Omar

Moh Omar First Imam

Nuzza and Mayor Charles Ross

Original Mosque (1964)

Bengali Chef and Wife

Nuzza & Five Children

The Ship’s Register (1914)

Maryam Ameen

Mohamed Omar

Mr. Ameen

Teaching Youth

Fenwick HS 2011

Girl Scouts Conf 2011

Groton 2008

Groton 2010

Groton Grad 2012

Girl Scouts Conf 2016

ICB Relig Class 2014

Lawrence Academy 2012

Religion Class Summer

Simmons College 2009

Memorable Events

The Hassan Look

Author’s First Marriage

ICB Wayland mosque

Mary Khadijah’s Condo Boxborough

Nate and Robert


Shukufa and Mary

Bahrain House

Bahrain Nate

Bahrain Robert

Bahrain School

Bahrain Teachers

Office secretary to the mosque 1984

Author on stage to sing anthem

Trip to Istanbul

John Omar – Author- Quincy Mosque leader